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Self Care. Self Development, Me time. Do you, do you for you? 


How many of you can say you truly invest in yourself and without feeling guilty about it? Taking a long hard look at yourself in the mirror can be confronting but it is the first step to discovering your strengths, your barriers, your driving force, your passions and your purpose. 

The world has plenty of haters and nay-sayers, and 101 reasons why you should give up on being your authentic self, but at 'Project Kind' we endevour to be your cheer squad. We have your back. We want you to succeed. We want you to be the best version of you, for you! 

Why? Because why the hell not! Every woman deserves to feel like a queen in her own world. You are the leading role in your life. Its time you started acting like it.

And all it takes is a little bit of kindness.

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the 'why'

I am Natashia.


I'm a daughter, sister, wife, mumma, friend, girl boss, two-time author, survivor, trainer, sider hustler and go getter. I'm juggling life the best way I know how and am a perpetual ball dropper and silver-lining seeker. I am a proud Polynesian islander girl at heart, born and raised in Australia. I'm a stubborn, and strong willed champagne loving, tea drinking, chocolate eating advocate for others finding their voice.  

I have faced more adversities in my lifetime than any one person should including physical and sexual abuse, cancer, IVF, multiple losses and so much more. This allowed me to find my purpose and became my driving force to a life committed to helping others find purpose and passion within their lives. 

These experiences didn't directly give me courage or confidence, in fact it's safe to say I felt they did the opposite at the time of each adversity I faced. However it's what you chose to do with your circumstances that is within our power to take control. I dug myself out of my many pits of despair. 


This took me a lot of self work to fumble my way through life which has led me and my family to creating Project Kind simply because we truly believe every person deserves kindness. Regardless your goals, we believe any level up in life starts with just that!


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We always welcome new and exciting opportunities and adventures. Let's connect.

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